How To Play video coming SOON.

Meow Mayhem is a fast paced game where, as a cat, you must gain a Reputation among your cat peers by committing bad acts! It can be played with 3-6 players, and games last 20-60 minutes each. This is a puurrrrrfect game to play for people who love kitties or being mischievous!

This game is a new take on everyone’s favorite thing: cats. The game’s vivid illustrations of naughty cats paired with flavor text describing a Cat’s point of view is pure and delightful fun. Although Meow Mayhem is a game for All Ages (in the sense that there is no cursing or overtly cruel humor),–the age recommendation is 10+. Players will need strong problem solving-skills, and there are small pieces which are legally a choking hazard for children 9 and younger. That said, cat lovers of ALL AGES will enjoy playing or watching this game!